We believe in creating a strong working relationship with our clients to determine their specific accounting and compliance needs.

Business Services and Solutions Team


A compilation service is required for an entity that needs assistance in preparing their financial statements. A compilation involves gaining a general understanding of the entity, its bookkeeping systems, and presenting the financial information in the accepted format of proper financial statements. Through compilation services, a CPA prepares monthly, quarterly, or annual financial statements.

During a compilation, the data is simply arranged into a conventional financial statement presentation. No probing is conducted beneath the surface unless the CPA becomes aware that the data provided is inadequate or incomplete. The report attached to the financial statement emphasizes that the service is a compilation.

Software Support and Training

We provide QuickBooks and Peachtree support and training. No matter how big or small the company file is we have a broad range of expertise in both QuickBooks and Peachtree.

Outsourcing Service Solutions

Full Accounting Outsource Solution

Holbrook and Manter offers a full outsourcing package solution to help eliminate the burdensome day to day accounting activities that small to medium size businesses face. Some businesses choose to mix and match and others choose for H&M to provide all of their functional services on their behalf. Other businesses choose to do some of their day to day accounting but look for H&M to help them address some of the more cumbersome work. Additionally, H&M also provides the following ala carte list of services to best fit our clients' needs and their ultimate solution.

Accounting Services

H&M services provide single accounting functions all the way up to full accounting outsource solutions to address companies precise accounting needs. These services can include, but are not limited to, the following items: entering and paying bills, invoicing, preparing monthly statements, reconciling bank and credit card accounts, depositing funds and other similar functions.

Closing the Books

Accounting entries are necessary at the completion end of each accounting period (e.g. month, quarter and/or year) to assure that the books are in balance and that the company's books are ready to move forward into the next month. These entries are required in the preparation of periodic financial statements and other management reports.


H&M provides fully customized outsourced payroll service solutions. For most of our clients we take care of their specific and unique needs by preparing the payroll each pay period, making all the required tax deposits and filing all of the appropriate payroll returns as well as the year end W-2's and annual required reconciliations. To help our clients with cash flow, we impound the tax monies with each payroll and help reduce filing burdens.

Management Reporting

We provide Management reporting in order to meet the precise needs and expectation of the users. In order to manage any business properly, the key items must be measured and monitored. We work with management to identify and determine the most efficient means to the critical success factors.

Benchmarking and KPI development, monitoring and measurements

We provide industry benchmarking information to see how businesses align and measure against their industry peers. Benchmarking provides insights as to where a business should be focusing its initiatives and efforts in order to continuously improve. KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) help a business define, monitor and then measure progress toward the company's stated goals and objectives. Our KPI tracking is presented in a graphical format, which is easy to read and comprehend.

Controller and CFO assistance

We provide Controller and CFO level assistance and services. Most often these situations entail special assistance and oversight, specific project endeavors, coaching and mentoring, temporary or short term solution fulfillments, and related type services.

Business Planning/Consulting

The strategic and business planning process begins by implementing and developing specific action plans. In doing so, the entity will continuously build upon and improve the framework for running a successful and prospering enterprise. The goal is to develop a competitive strategy and corresponding business plan. Our strategic and business planning services vary according to each client's unique and specific needs. We believe that in business, failing to plan is planning to fail.