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Thousands of Ohio BWC rebate checks remain uncashed & are set to expire

Deadlines for Ohio employers to cash rebate checks issued by the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation are fast approaching. October is the month to make sure you get a hold of the funds owed to you as a part of $1.5 billion rebate issued by the BWC this summer.  The BWC began issuing the checks in late June and continued to do so throughout July, with the checks expiring at the 90 day mark. The Ohio Society of CPAs shares the following detailed information:

More than 5,500 rebate checks issued to Ohio employers by the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation remain uncashed.  The checks total $10.8 million and will expire in October, as part of a $1.5 billion rebate earlier this year. There are 44 outstanding checks expiring Oct. 3, worth $143,241, BWC said. On Friday, Oct. 12, 665 checks worth more than $2.2 million will expire, followed by 782 checks worth more than $1.5 million on Tuesday, Oct. 16; 1,291 checks worth more than $2.4 million on Thursday, Oct. 18; 1,611 checks worth more than $3 million on Monday, Oct. 22; and 1,154 checks worth more than $1.5 million on Wednesday, Oct. 24.

Should you miss your deadline, the BWC says they will reissue the checks but will further delay your access to the rebates.  BWC Chief of Fiscal and Planning Barbara Ingram shared this quote on their website,  “Employers can spend their rebates as they choose, whether that means hiring new employees, growing their business or investing in safety. They just need to get those checks to the bank quickly so they can begin putting their rebates to good use.”

Read more about the rebate checks and the upcoming deadlines on the Ohio BWC website at this link: goo.gl/NCxjfT