Keeping It All in the Family: A Holistic Approach to Finances

As a single-family office, a lot rides on your ability to manage finances, forecast future success and organize the entirety of your tax responsibilities and bookkeeping needs. With our Family Office Services, Holbrook & Manter relieves you of that stress, allowing you to work with one point of contact that will oversee all of your financial needs while working in tandem with your other counselors such as your legal, banking, and insurance advisors.

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The Common Definition of a Family Office

In the simplest of terms, a “Family Office” is a private wealth management advisory firm whose duties consist of serving high net-worth investors, managing financial investments and controlling the majority, if not all, of accounting decisions on behalf of a family.

Our Definition of a Family Office

To Holbrook & Manter, a Family Office is a transparent relationship between your family’s established point of contact and an experienced professional from our team. From tax planning, to philanthropic endeavors (and everything in between), we provide clarity, organization and simplicity to your family’s wealth planning and financial management. We keep you in the loop on all financial decisions, but we also allow you to steer the ship in the direction of your family’s collective choosing, especially when it comes to charitable pursuits and generational wealth transference.

The Single Family Office Services Holbrook & Manter Offers:

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  • Personal Accounting & Net worth Evaluation/Reporting
  • Bill Pay and Expense Reporting
  • Budgeting & Cash Flow Planning
  • Investment and Balance Sheet Assistance
  • Assistance with Philanthropic endeavors
  • Complete Succession Planning
  • Family Office Organization & Establishment
  • Trust & Estate Planning
  • Planning for Asset Protection
  • Advisor Screening & Due Diligence
  • Family Governance

Our “As Much, Or As Little” Approach

Possessing a wealth of experience in Closely-Held Business Accounting and Family Finance Management with clients in Ohio and across the entire country, Holbrook & Manter understands how important these matters are to you and your family. Which is exactly why we believe in taking an “as much or as little” approach to your financial management. This means that we will control as much (or as little) of your finances as you decide. At the end of the day, this is your livelihood and you want to ensure long-term success. We’re here to lead you in the right direction.

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