We believe in creating a strong working relationship with our clients to determine their specific accounting and compliance needs.

Client Service Philosophy

Your Holbrook & Manter (“H&M”) Client service team will take a proactive approach to build value and help you look for ways to meet your goals. We will monitor industry and regulatory trends, and help you plan accordingly.

H&M will maintain a high performing team of professionals to serve you-ensuring continuity of unparalleled service and a thorough, ongoing understanding of your needs.

H&M will diligently guard the confidentiality of the information with which we are entrusted. We will abide by the highest standards of integrity and objectivity in adhering to the laws and the spirit of those laws that govern our profession.

H&M strives to provide information, ideas and insights for you and your business.

H&M pledges that every communication (i.e. phone call, email, text, etc.) will be returned expeditiously.

H&M will provide great value through leadership, with ongoing advanced training within your respective niche area.

H&M will proactively seek feedback to determine client satisfaction, and strive to exceed expectations. You are encouraged to provide feedback at any time, to any member of the firm.