The Variety of Industries We Serve Throughout Central Ohio & Beyond

Holbrook & Manter prides itself in its unique ability to proactively serve a variety of businesses, both big and small, on a personal level. With locations in Columbus, Ohio and the surrounding communities, we can manage the entirety of your company’s accounting duties – no matter if you’re a scrappy startup or an enterprise-level manufacturing facility with historic Ohio roots! No matter the size or the industry, we are ready and willing to help you make it to the next level. 

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H&M has a deep respect for the hard work put in by agriculture businesses everywhere. We look to match those core values and daily dedication with the custom accounting solutions we provide for each agribusiness client.

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Closely Held

We take a face-to-face approach to managing the finances of your closely held/family-owned business. After all, this has been a specialty of our firm since day one. 

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Our team of professional CPAs have extensive experience in the construction industry and specialize in assisting with the big picture planning you need to face head-on to succeed. No matter the volatility of the market, H&M will always have your back and help you make the best moves forward.

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Accounting for medical practices and healthcare facilities is constantly evolving. Compliance needs are ever-changing and tax laws are getting stricter each day. You need a a dedicated, outsourced accounting partner in your corner who can stay on top of it all – so you don’t have to!

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Companies in the manufacturing realm are facing increasing competition and decreasing profit margins. Partner with Holbrook & Manter to not only help you stay afloat, but to thrive, grow and remain at the top of the industry!

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Non-profit and not-for-profit organizations have a unique set of tax and financial rules they must follow. And with a philanthropic mission at the forefront of your operation, accounting isn’t always your first priority! We get that. H&M can handle all of these duties so you can focus on what’s most important to you.

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Are you a new business looking to get solid footing in the industry? Our CPAs can help your startup company build a solid financial foundation, quickly reach compliance and proactively plan for future growth.

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