Collection Services for Small Businesses

Of all the tasks that a business owner or their team must complete, collections tends to be at the top of the “least favorite” list. Contacting delinquent clients and customers eats up valuable time and the whole situation can be uncomfortable and off-putting. The solution? Offload the responsibilities to Holbrook & Manter! Our team handles the collection services for a number of businesses, and they’ll be the first to tell you: they now have more money in the bank and more time available to focus on other areas of their operation.

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Efficiency & Empathy: The Key to Effective Collections 

At Holbrook & Manter, our approach to collections is personable and, in turn, efficient. We don’t just make phone calls and ask for payments. Our skilled collections team is constantly studying the customer base and cash flow for each business they work with. They are well-aware of what services were provided to the customer/client, when the bill was due and what amount is owed – all before they even pick up the phone to collect payment. No matter the amount that they owe, each person contacted by our collection team is treated with respect and we work with them to find payment options that will best fit the needs of everyone involved.

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See the Whole Picture With Clear Communication & Cash Flow Updates 

Our team keeps the business owner constantly updated on the progress of the collection efforts and they are always looking for ways to improve upon billing cycles, cash flow and other business practices. Count on us to think big picture for you so our collection efforts will be reflected in your monthly A/R Reports. It is not uncommon for Holbrook & Manter collections clients to see as much as an 80% increase! We want to do more for you than just collect money; we want to change the face of your business cash flow all together.

Our Specialties & Areas of Expertise

While we can assist anyone in the industry, we specialize in performing collections for businesses in the following industries:

Family/Closely-Held Businesses

Collections Services from a Bottom Line Perspective

Holbrook & Manter is different from other collections companies and agencies because we are accountants and we understand the numbers and how they affect your overall business success. And although we are different, the end goal is still the same: Bring the money in-house that you are owed.

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