Blog Series: Self-Care Tips for Busy Accountants

By: Shirley Boatright, MBA- Senior Assistant Accountant 

It is tax season, which means accountants across the country are working long hours in the name of helping their clients stay compliant.

During this period, it’s normal to feel anxious, overwhelmed, stressed out and anything in-between. A recent study by University of Georgia found that 99% of accountants experience some level of burnout throughout their careers.

Prioritizing self-care into your routine has shown to be beneficial for mental health and preventing burnout, especially during busy season.

Let’s look at some self-care tips in this first installment of my blog series geared at helping accounting professionals find balance:


Commit to something that makes you feel good. Engaging in an activity that makes you joyful releases serotonin & endorphins in the brain, which relaxes the muscles and reduces stress hormones in the body. Rather it’s going for walk, watching a rerun of your favorite show, or holding a random baby…make it a goal to make time for moments like these daily.

Sleep. It’s crucial for our bodies to rest and brains to recharge. Poor sleep or sleep deprivation affects memories, mood, and judgement. The crazy thing about stress and sleep is more stress can cause poor sleep and poor sleep can cause more stress. Getting the recommended 8-hours or more of sleep a night may be unrealistic during this period but do your best. Establish a nightly routine that allows you to de-stress and relax for a superior quality night of sleep. If you find yourself working late most nights, try a rotation. Work late one night and go to sleep at a proper time the next night. Try to avoid caffeine at least 8 hours before bedtime for better quality sleep.

Practice Gratitude. Focusing on things you’re grateful for can put less focus on stress and put things into a more positive perspective. Write down a few things you’re thankful for to help realize no matter how bad the day is, we all have things to be grateful for.

Set Boundaries. It can be hard to disconnect from work, rather checking emails after hours, or simply bogging down your mind with the work tasks needing done. But it’s vital to your well-being to not let your personal life be overtaken by work. Unplug from work completely and enjoy your personal time with yourself, family, and friends.

Stay tuned for my next installment of this wellness blog.