H&M Addresses COVID-19

Dear Valued Clients and Friends of H&M,

Situations that are ever-changing and full of unknowns can be hard to monitor. This seems to be the case with COVID-19, also known as the Coronavirus.  We wanted to communicate  to you that we are keeping a very close eye on the  latest developments with COVID-19 , so we can keep our team members healthy, allowing them to continue to provide you with the type of client service you have come to expect from us.

As a firm that is now 100 years old, we have weathered many storms. While we can’t be certain what this most recent storm will bring in the coming days, we stand steadfast in our certainty that the needs of our clients will remain our top priority. This health crisis has arrived during tax season, a time of year when compliance and finances are at the forefront of the minds of many. We understand this and assure you that you have our full attention and support.

In recent years we have invested in top of the line technology for our team members, allowing them to work efficiently and swiftly in any remote setting. Whatever happens as the situation with COVID-19 transpires, know that our team has the means to serve you from any location. We encourage you to keep open communication with your points of contact here at H&M, addressing any questions you may have not only regarding tax documents and filings, but every single service that we provide to you. We are open, working and available to you when you need us.

There have been reports of a possible push back for the April 15th tax deadline. Given the nature of the health crisis the nation is facing, this remains a fluid situation and at this time, we do not have confirmation that the filing date will in fact be changed. Should this change, we will communicate this to you in a very timely fashion.

Every day, no matter what the circumstances, our team is driven by the deep respect we have for the fact that our valued clients trust us with some of their most precious information. Whether it is financial, personal or business-related in nature, it is always safeguarded by our team. That will continue to be the case as we continue to navigate this health crisis.

Should you have any questions about our response to COVID-19, please reach out to us. Your peace of mind is important to us.

Wishing health upon you, your loved ones and your business.


The H&M Team