H&M Celebrates Manufacturing Day

By: Molly Pensyl, Marketing & Business Development Manager

Today is Manufacturing Day, something our firm always celebrates each year. We are fortunate enough to partner with a number of manufacturers to assist them with accounting and management advisory services. Serving manufacturing clients has been a part of our firm’s fabric for decades.

Manufacturing Day is produced by the National Association of Manufacturers. It is held each year on the first Friday in October to celebrate modern manufacturing. The day is meant to inspire the next generation of those to enter the industry.

A few of our team members who frequently service H&M manufacturing clients answered some questions about the industry in honor of MFG Day.

What makes working with manufacturers enjoyable for your?

William Bauder: I enjoy working with our manufacturing clients because, personally, I enjoy watching the process of items being made.  I love to tour the plants and observe the process. 

Danille Cottle: Being able to see the manufacturing process happen by taking a tour of our client’s facilities is exciting to watch. All of the parts, labor and automation used in the process are unique for each client and I enjoy seeing the process through from start to finish.

Stephen Smith: I simply enjoy the whole process and have a great deal of respect for the industry. I am always amazed whenever I visit/tour our manufacturing clients and witness how they achieve all that they do. The ingenuity, ownership of the process, passion for the product, as well as pride of deliverable is always front and center.  I think people would be surprised to see the amount of hours and dedication put into the final product they are creating and it always shows.

What is one thing about the manufacturing business that you have encountered that you think others would be surprised to know?

William Bauder: Often times we are working with local manufacturers, but, it is important to remember that their customers and their competition are often global in nature.  Not only are our clients worried about other manufacturers in the US undercutting prices or competing for the same skilled labor, but, so is the international market.

Danielle Cottle: I think people would be surprised to see the amount of hours and dedication put into the final product they are creating and it always shows!

Stephen Smith: Manufacturing is the backbone of American business, which holds true here in Ohio and especially in our region. It is ever changing and evolving and many aren’t aware of the new raw materials being invented, new ways of doing things that are being developed and the automation and robotics being used to drive efficiencies. The production process in-between the inputs and product outputs is continuously changing for the better.

H&M looks forward to many more years of working with those in manufacturing and joins with everyone in the industry celebrating today. To learn more about MFG Day, visit the official website here: www.mfgday.com

       Danielle Cottle

      William Bauder

      Stephen Smith