We believe in creating a strong working relationship with our clients to determine their specific accounting and compliance needs.


Holbrook & Manter's governmental services include the following:

  • Financial audits (including A-133)
  • GAAP conversions
  • GASB 34 implementation
  • Development of accounting systems
  • Review of accounting systems
  • Budgeting
  • Projections
  • Consulting
  • And much more...

We at Holbrook & Manter believe that the traditional role of auditing is an important function. Traditional audits are designed to check compliance with accounting controls – to make sure things are done correctly. While the traditional audit is still very necessary, it is becoming more important for auditors to assess performance as a means of helping governments succeed and showing taxpayers the results achieved with their tax dollars.

Holbrook & Manter will work diligently with you to determine the most appropriate services necessary to help your government succeed in this time of decreasing resources, increasing competition for resources, escalating competition with private industry, rapidly changing technology, and growing demands for accountability.

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