Mark your Calendar: Tax Deadlines for the Second Quarter of 2019

Of course April 15 is the biggie when it comes to second quarter tax deadlines, but a couple other important dates need to hit the calendars of some taxpayers.

The specifics of the April 15 deadline are important to note. This is the last day to file or extend your 2018 personal return and make any tax payment that is due. April 15 is also the deadline to file 2018 returns for trusts, calendar year estates, C-corps and FinCEN Form 114 (“Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts”, although an automatic extension comes into play here to October 15). Any final contributions you want to make to an IRA or a 529 for 2018 must be done by this date as well. If you are not going on extension, SEP and Keogh plan contributions are also due on April 15.

Here comes the double whammy… April 15 is also when your first quarterly estimated tax payment for 2019 is due if you make those estimated payments. This applies to individuals, trusts and calendar year corporations. It is important work with your accountant to make sure that everything that needs handled by April 15 is taken care of.

Fast forward to the next month…. May 15 is the original due date for exempt organizations returns (Form 990). Make note of this if it applies to you.

Flip that calendar one more time… June 17 is the deadline for second quarter estimated tax payments for individuals, trusts and calendar year corporations.

Should you have questions about these important dates or if you need assistance with tax planning or filing, reach out to us today. We would be happy to assist you.