Ohio BWC Dividend Checks are being Mailed

In response to Governor Mike DeWine’s call for state agencies to help businesses ease the economic impact of COVID-19, Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation approved in late September a 2nd dividend payment this year in the amount of $1.34 billion to Ohio employers. The dividend to Ohio employers will equal approximately 100% of the premiums paid for the 2019 policy year. BWC announced they will start sending the checks to up to 200,000 private and public employers in late October. This dividend follows a similar dividend in April of this year, where the average check size was $8,500.

Keep an eye on your mailbox, as the checks are expected to be mailed any day now! Also, earlier this week, Governor DeWine asked the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation for a 3rd dividend payment which would send up to $5 billion in additional dividends to Ohio employers. If approved by BWC’s Board of Directors, it would bring the total dividends paid to employers this year to nearly $8 billion. The Board is tentatively scheduled to vote on the request during a special meeting on November 2nd. Please check back with us as we will keep you updated on the Boards decision.