Ohio Governor Mike DeWine Outlines the Details of the Responsible Restart Ohio Program

Plans to get Ohioans back to work are now being outlined by Ohio Governor Mike DeWine. He announced the first round of establishments that will be permitted to reopen in the coming days while also rolling out the Responsible Restart Ohio program, which is designed to protect the health of employees, customers and their families. The program also supports community efforts to control the spread of COVID-19.

The following outlines what we will see open up in the early part of May 2020:

May 1: all medical procedures that do not require an overnight hospital stay can resume. Dentists and Veterinarians may return to normal operations on that date as well. 

May 4: General offices may reopen, however, Governor DeWine is asking that those employees that can work from home, continue to do so. This is also the date that manufacturing, construction and distribution businesses may reopen. 

May 12: Consumer, retail and service businesses will be permitted to reopen.

This revamp does not come without conditions. Everything from mask wearing to rules about social distancing are addressed in the plan that businesses must follow to reopen thier doors. We invite you to click the link below to learn more about these responsible protocols. If H&M can be of help to you during these challenging times, please reach out.